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New Drinkware

BOPP Cool Bottle is a brilliant bottle that has been used world wide and made of the best materials. It is safe for sports usage as well as for children.

The BOPP Cool bottle is a 700ml bottle with the added benefit of a removal cooling tube that can be separated from the bottle and put into the fridge to keep your drink cool.

You will get a discount on large order volumes and they are readily available from our offices in Germiston, Edenvale.

Contact for further information and pricing.

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Pallet & Crate Plant

woodPallet-250We now manufacture wood pallets and crates. We build custom sized crates for all applications that are now used in the South African industry from electronics to food. Our factory is capable of producing 1000’s of pallets which gives us the edge when it comes to delivery.

Early days

In the early days we were pretty limited because of the lack of good machinery but today we can easily see 10 000 cuts in one day. Circular saws radial saws and forklifts make the world of difference when it comes to serving our customers delivery times.


Our products include 2 way pallets and 4 way entry pallets which we can provide in a light or heavy duty style. Each pallet style can be supplied in materials specifically treated for export (kiln dry and fumigated) or local use (wet off saw). Evey pallet is manufactured using the best fasteners in the market and most important is the use of nail guns which helps to maintain a tight assembly process. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and encourage you to try us.



We will also buy your used pallets – Pease dont throw them away rather make some money out of them.  Call us now for best price on your used and second hand pallets.


Contact our offices for a visit




Alluminuim Crates : wise choice ?

StackedBoxUsing wooden pallets has its benefits but when it comes to Air-freighting there are distinct cost benefits to aluminium. This light weight unit was carefully designed and constructed according to air-freight sizing with its modular ability to inter-connect (stackable) and securely package any type of goods especially electronically sensitive equipment.

Corrugated Boxes make a difference ?

Every corrugated box has an attached value. It’s not the value you bought it at BUT what your customer sees in your box and its content. What does your box communicate about your product and your company ? The facts are pretty simple….Take 3 boxes with 3 different prices and people will tent towards the one that suites them best. Our sales can many times be hindered by the type and style of box we choose?

Simple is better

We’ve all heard this saying but in the box industry this is absolutely true. Simple graphics with clear cut designs are best to effect your market. Too much information on your box can loose your customers attention. Rather concentrate on using a good graphic designer for graphic (FYI – which we can help you with) and match this with a great box for best results.



Gifts that make for a great customers

1452570569_money_toilet_paper_rollDON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY

Corporate gifts can sometimes be an expensive means to attract people in. The question most asked is what gift is most effective for my company.

Effective marketing is intentional
Consider the following questions before you spend to much money.

1. What audience am I trying to reach (age and style)  ?
2. What type of product appeals to this group ?
3. Are we looking to attract people or simple market our name?
4. What event can we use to promote these gifts?

Be specific and intentional about why you should invest in corporate gifts and invest wisely

Ipack Mission



At iPack we commit ourselves to supplying quality products and exceptional service supported by our professional sales team.  By being fast and dependable without compromising quality, we strive to provide our valued customers with innovative products and quality service at competitive prices thus being the packaging company of choice that our customers can rely on and build a lasting relationship with.